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Tremiti Islands excursions by boat


Explore the Tremiti islands!
Visit hidden coves and caves, enjoy the crystal clear sea and discover the secrets of the islands with our expert guides on board a typica boat.

Experience and safety

Live an authentic and safe experience with an expert crew, with in-depth knowledge of the territory and the sea.

Choose your Experience

Choose your unforgettable experience, between the tour with breakfast at dawn, the daytime tour, the tour with aperitif at sunset and the night tour in search of the Diomedea.

Extra activities

With us you can do anything!

Pilates at sunrise and sunset, a SUP ride and snorkeling in the clear waters of the Tremiti Islands.

Contact us for information or to book your excursion to the Tremiti Islands.

Boat tours to the Tremiti Islands
What you will see

Starting from the island of San Domino we will sail through the crystal clear waters to swim and snorkel in complete freedom and relax in the sun.


Passing through Pagliai beach, we will cross the Isolotto del Cretaccio, the Elephant rock, we will continue to the romantic Grotta delle Viole. Among the most beautiful places to see we find the Bue Marino cave, the Rondinelle cave and the Cala Tonda inlet.

Among the many coves and inlets you will find many views to photograph and places to dive and observe the marine species present in the archipelago.

We will head towards the Island of Caprara, where you can dive to see the "submerged Padre Pio".


In the background the evocative atmosphere of the archipelago at the foot of the island of San Nicola, in the past the historic home of the Benedictine friars and a place of exile for politicians and dissidents, a breathtaking pearl set among the rocks.


You will haveall the comforts of a spacious boat, the fresh water shower at the end of the bathrooms, the large sundeck, bow and stern is at your disposal.

Contact us for information or to book your excursion to the Tremiti Islands.


Our boat

Tour program

  • Meeting with the participants

  • Departure from the pre-established port (San Domino / San Nicola)

  • Tour of the archipelago with historical notes

  • Swimming stops in caves and coves

  • Tasting of wine and local food and wine products (depending on the tour chosen)

What's included

  • Boat and fuel 

  • Skipper and Hostess

  • Fresh water

  • Bubbles and appetizers (depending on the tour)

  • Refreshing drinks

Contact us for information or to book your excursion to the Tremiti Islands.

escursione barca privata isole tremiti

Personalized tour

Choose from several excursion options and customize the itinerary and activities, to create your unique and unforgettable experience. The personalized tour with rental of the boat and crew is carried out for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 people.

Contact us for all information.

Let us introduce ourselves

We are a group of friends in love with the sea and the sun, which is why the Tremiti Islands are the right place to come and enjoy all its wonders and splendid colours.

Mario: the Skipper is the beating heart of the Tremiti Experience. He will guide you to discover the most beautiful places on the Islands, among the most evocative panoramic views to immortalize. With his experience he will be able to advise you on how to best experience the island.

Valentina: She was practically born in Tremiti. Always smiling and available, he will be able to recommend the most beautiful places to visit and will infect you with his love for these wonderful islands.

Isole tremiti
"The sea, once cast its spell, will forever hold you in its aura of wonder."

Contact us for information or to book your excursion to the Tremiti Islands.

Frequent questions

Do you have any questions about our boat excursions to the Tremiti Islands? Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What places will we see during the excursions?

To fully enjoy the experience, the Tour is subject to the weather and sea conditions of the day. We will visit the most characteristic places of the Islands and the most beautiful views such as: the Pagliai beach, the Isolotto del Cretaccio, the Elephant rock, the romantic Grotta delle Viole, the Island of Caprara, where you can see the old lighthouse and so on.

What is recommended to bring on the excursion?

It is recommended to bring:

- sunscreen;

- Beach towel;

- rock shoes;

- snorkeling mask;

Are there discounts for families and groups?

Contact us directly for all information. We will be happy to offer you our best offer.

What are the rates and what is included?

Rates vary based on the type of experience chosen. To guarantee the booking, a deposit equal to 30% of the total amount is required, paid by bank transfer, Paypal, Satispay.

How can you reach the Tremiti Islands?

The Islands can be reached by helicopter in a few minutes with the Alidaunia service or by sea with the hydrofoils and ferries that leave from the ports of Termoli, Peschici, Rodi Garganico, Vieste and finally also from Manfredonia.


To know more:

What are the cancellation and refund conditions?

The deposit will be refunded only in case of adverse weather and sea conditions. For other reasons beyond our control, the refund of the deposit is not foreseen.

How long does an excursion last and how many passengers can fit on board?

The duration depends on the type of tour chosen, approximately 2 to 5 hours.

The number of passengers is 12 people.

It is possible to rent the boat with the staff also exclusively and for private events.

Contact us for information or to book your excursion to the Tremiti Islands.

Tour in barca Tremiti

Tremiti Islands

The Tremiti Islands are an archipelago immersed in the blue of the Adriatic Sea, 12 miles from the Gargano promontory in the province of Foggia. The islands are: San Nicola, San Domino, Caprara and Pianosa, the major rocks, Cretaccio and La Vecchia. Since ancient times they have been called the "Diomedean Islands". Legend, in fact, traces the aforementioned islands back to Diomede, a Homeric hero of extraordinary strength and courage who, according to legend, was buried upon his death on the island of S. Nicola, his desperate men were transformed into sea birds; these animals, called "diomedee", continue to cry for their heads even today.

The Tremito archipelago is an example of rare beauty both for the uncontaminated nature of its seabed and for the landscape and historical-architectural aspects present above all on the two largest islands: San Domino and San Nicola.

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With the wind at your back...
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